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Winter Color

If the winter seems like it goes on forever and your garden looks sad and barren maybe its time to add some color. While there are different evergreens than can add blues and yellows to the garden, you might be wondering if there is anything that flowers in the winter. The answer is yes and the plant I want to recommend is Erica aka Heath (don't confuse this with Heather aka Calluna vulgaris which is a great plant in its own right, and looks very similar but blooms in the summer). Erica is a small evergreen that is fairly easy to grow, winter hardy, can handle poor soil and just wants some sunshine and decent drainage. They will bloom profusely in different shades of pink, purple or white during the winter depending on which specific variety you use. They should be easy to find at your local nursery and will add some much needed color and life to our sparse winter gardens.

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