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As a landscape designer for the bulk of my adult life I have always wanted a vegetable garden of my own but living in NYC, ironically without my own outdoor space, prevented me from having one.  When I moved out of the city to start my family I was finally able to grow my own fruits and vegetables and what a rewarding undertaking it has been.  The garden benefits my family in so many ways.  First and foremost it provides us with fresh, tasty food whose provenance we are certain of; the garden itself is an aesthetically beautiful component of our yard; working it is not only a therapeutic activity but teaches us about the complexity of how nature functions and allows us to nurture the earth all while showing our daughters the value of hard work (wouldn’t you know that they love eating the veggies they had a hand in growing); finally and maybe the most rewarding aspect is it gives us a beautiful delicious bounty to share with family and friends.  Numerous people visiting our home have remarked at how beautiful our garden is and that they would love to build and work one if only they knew how.  It occurred to me that there are probably many people out there who would love to have a plot to cultivate but don’t know where to begin.  In a time when we are more health conscious and focused on what we are feeding our bodies than ever before, it is our goal to empower you to reap the rewards of consuming the freshest, tastiest produce possible, as well as the experience the physical and psychological benefits of working your own personal productive garden.  No matter what size project you are interested in, or if you live in NYC or Long Island, we want to be your guide and resource in what promises to be a rewarding endeavor for your family.    



Planning and caring for a vegetable garden can seem to be a somewhat complex task as there are many factors that contribute to its success, however, developing a systematic approach to the necessary steps will simplify the process.  We will oversee the design and installation of your garden and educate you on the best practices to ensure a healthy, productive garden.



It is in this phase that much of the success of your garden is determined as a well thought out design will take advantage of the beneficial characteristics of your particular location while minimizing its potential shortcomings.  The first step is to perform a site analysis determining the specific area on your property that is best suited for your garden based on sun exposure, soil quality, convenience, what it is you want to grow, any relevant micro-climates, and the aesthetic impact of the garden on your home.  The next step is to discuss with you what you want to get out of the experience of having your own vegetable garden, what knowledge you have, what you want to grow, what you want it to look like, how much time you want to devote to it, any expectations or hesitations you have, and of course answer any questions.  Armed with this information we will set about designing your garden, creating drawings for your approval so you can understand the visual impact it will have and the scale with regards to your property.  This process will result in a garden customized to suit your family’s personal wants and needs that will keep you engaged and rewarded throughout the growing season.



Whatever garden elements the design process yields, such as in ground plantings, raised beds, trellis structures, deer fencing and the like, our team will implement your design using only the highest quality and site appropriate materials while utilizing construction methods that will ensure the longevity of your installation.  The result will be a beautiful looking garden that produces delicious, nutritious fruits and vegetables for years to come. 



This is where the fun happens!  Taking care of your own garden is a very rewarding experience both for the therapeutic benefits it can provide and for the bounty of food you will reap.  Of course, different families have varying amounts of time available to work in their gardens so our job is to first design a garden that is manageable and second to be available to assist when you need it.  We can create planting and maintenance guidelines to help you throughout the growing and off-season or alternatively establish a maintenance program where we will come and care for the garden on your behalf.  Either way we can develop a plan that matches the level of involvement suitable to your family.


 If you are interested in exploring the possibility of a vegetable garden on your roof, terrace or in your yard please contact us and set up an onsite visit.  (Our service is available in both New York City and on Long Island)

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