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Urban Landscape Concepts is a full service landscape design company specializing in the installation of garden spaces in New York City.  Whether on a rooftop, terrace or backyard we create site specific landscape designs that convert urban hardscapes into outdoor green spaces our clients can relax, play and entertain in.  Our aim is to design and build gardens that transport inhabitants from the harsher aspects of city dwelling, reconnecting them with nature through the thoughtful combination of plants, hardscape elements and furniture.  Whatever type of outdoor space our clients’ have imagined for themselves our expertise in balancing materials, colors, textures and aromas allows us to harness clients’ desires and develop well-executed landscape designs and user friendly gardens.  We have a deep understanding of how important and impactful an outdoor garden space can be in an urban environment such as New York City and take great pride in the fact that with each garden we design and implement we are improving our client’s quality of life.

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Josh attributes his initial interest in landscape design to his mother who loved to walk through the backyard reciting the Latin names of the plants she saw (which he found a bit annoying at the time).   After graduating from Emory University and a brief stint in the business sector Josh acknowledged his desire to unleash his creative side, work with his hands and spend more time outdoors.  He realized he could fulfill those needs by pursuing a career in the landscape design field.  After four years of working for design/installation firms in New York City and training at the New York Botanical Gardens, Josh opened Urban Landscape Concepts in late 2004.  As founder and head landscape designer of Urban Landscape Concepts, Josh is personally involved in every project the company takes on.  From the initial consultation and site analysis, through the design process and final installation, he takes a hands-on approach spearheading the team he has assembled to address the unique requirements of that specific garden design.  As a guide for his clients, Josh’s role is to marry their tastes and needs for their space with the characteristics of the site, creating an outdoor space that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally effective.  Urban Landscape Concepts takes great pride in delivering the envisioned product within the established budgetary constraints while maintaining the highest level of quality.  The years since the founding of Urban Landscape Concepts have continuously rewarded Josh with new experiences and people in his life; the greatest reward the knowledge that his work has had a part in fundamentally improving people’s lives by providing them with garden spaces in which they share special times with their families and friends.

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Athena’s love affair with plants began early on in college when she worked on an organic farm in upstate New York.  While earning her BA in interdisciplinary studies she deepened her understanding of horticulture working at a plant nursery, apprenticing for landscape designers and completing a perennial garden internship at the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx.  Upon graduation, Athena’s passion for plants led her to France where she lived for three years.  She honed her skills while working for a landscape design and installation firm in Nice, and farming in the Southern Alps.  Her world travels did not end there.  After a year working for a landscape architect on Long Island specializing in Japanese gardens, she spent five months living in Machito Japan working for a nursery, both selling plant material and working as part of the installation team.  After returning to New York Athena began designing and installing residential landscape projects on the north shore of Long Island. A growing interest in the impact of green spaces on urban areas regarding both the quality of life of a city’s inhabitants and on the general ecological health of the area drew Athena to Urban Landscape Concepts.  Athena’s deep understanding of plants and all of the variables that contribute to their success, her jobsite managerial expertise, keen design sense and artistic talent make her an invaluable member of the Urban Landscape Concepts family.

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