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Through purposeful conversation with our clients and a thorough site analysis, Urban Landscape Concepts (ULC) will design an outdoor space that utilizes the positive characteristics of the site while meeting the functional goals and aesthetic tastes of the client. The ULC team approaches its gardens as extensions of the home and aims to create seamless fluidity between interior and exterior spaces. We strive to understand what is important to our clients, their style and tastes, how they organize their lives and spend their time in order to marry their personalities with the opportunities their unique space provides. ULC professionals guide clients through the process from introductory meeting and site analysis, into the design phase, through the installation period to project completion.

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The sharing of ideas and systematic focused approach to making decisions in the design phase reaps its benefits during installation. Each project has its own specific elements and features that make it unique; however, they can all be broken down into a combination of plantings, hardscape, and infrastructure. Regardless of the details of a project ULC always adheres to the highest level of construction methods and principles.

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While Mother Nature has blessed the planet with a multitude of plant life, the micro-climate of a particular site limits the number of plants suited to that location. Our understanding of and experience with a vast variety of plant material enables us to guide clients in the selection of an appropriate palate of trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals along with the proper soil mixes while ensuring the use of proper planting techniques during installation. The care taken related to plant selection and physical installation yields verdant and vibrant gardens that thrive for our clients’ continual enjoyment.

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The hardscape elements of any design, whether deck, pergola, stone patio or planter box, provide the foundation and structure to the garden. There are a myriad of materials that can be utilized to make these elements stand out as landscape features or subtly blend them into the surroundings. Upon completion of your design and selection of materials, our team of skilled craftsmen will be assembled to construct these elements.  We take great pride in the quality of the materials we use and in the output we fashion from them.



Particularly on terraces and rooftops, irrigation systems are a vital element for plant growth and health. Urban Landscape Concepts designs drip-irrigation systems and watering schedules that will minimize water use while ensuring the proper hydration of plant material. Low-voltage landscape lighting can greatly enhance an urban garden by creating layers of light and shadows that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the landscape, ensure safety and highlight important features.

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A garden is a living breathing dynamic entity constantly in flux, truly living artwork.  Consequently all gardens require a minimum level of regular maintenance to ensure a baseline of health.  Our garden service team offers a variety of services ranging from the development of a regular maintenance program for your garden to annual plantings, tree pruning, bulb plantings, and seasonal clean-ups. As all gardens are unique, we work with clients to determine and meet whatever level of care their particular landscape requires.

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